August 06, 2010

Endless love of my life

Endless love of my life
I am a traditional woman.
I have a kind of traditional Chinese women and the true. The same desire to love their loved ones, but also people who want to be your favorite love, forever, never betray!

I told you said, hope to have a favorite of the opposite sex for sake of the love of my life. You laugh that is you.

Love is the heart of the sensor, can not say love the love together.

Would like, our life can only marry a man, a good wife, but certainly not only a man like him, not to their ideal of the other men paid no attention.

Of course, paid no attention to, lack of hygiene conditions would also like to bear to go, better outcome, as they have for the opposite sex, but mostly forgotten, because the traditional Chinese feudal insight, and doomed affair tragedy.

I know with your contacts, or let me into the quagmire of extra-marital affairs, I know the end result is a separation. However, the more know more cherish the bad years, and my heart remain the same, where you can not find the path home.

Sometimes think, if we can control for some distance, why can not we go to another truth fighting? How good a friend is nearby, with the opposite sex better in the side, with his beautiful, so gorgeous and colorful life.

I tried to work hard, always strive to have bounded degree. However, two hearts and the zero distance, I think the end is messy cups and saucers. As I'm sure you love me, I also hopelessly in love with you. Had you said, if it is their favorite, with love before, how do? Your Answer: love for in the end!

I know I'm not that brave woman, because I have not entirely of their own responsibilities and obligations. But, never mind on the feeling of neglect, I belong to a sincere love to you. Love you, not seek higher status, just to love something to rely on, no responsibilities, just to life on the road to be with you, no I, love, just to share of the good old feeling.

Remember that you said: met me, you life's happiness! I have this day my sister said, she said, must be so, but you do not cherish.

People living in this world is too short. Think, truth Shangju too late, why are devoting energy to pursue a virtual? To make a return to true yourself, even if unrestrained through life half-back, and we have no regrets ... ...

I like genuine people, and he is treated with a genuine favorite.

My desire for a love, the only requirement is that the people love me for me wholeheartedly.

I do not know where in their journey of life, whether it will close about the love of the inn, if there will be encountered, children will continue to be one hundred percent on love, to cherish!

I hope you have to learn from nature if there is a real woman fall in love with you, in case of no harm to others, to be fond love to go, do not let emotion free.

Love, really love it, please ... ... please?

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