December 20, 2010

To a lost love

To a lost love
"You and me familiar?"
Seemingly without the words easily, but in the Cher ripple stirred the hearts of the lake ... ...
And Lei met in an online encounter six years ago, when they were still students. Cher, Department of Chinese, Lei, Chemistry, and different school. Education for all, so many common topic, and gradually, through the network media, the two of them became good friends can talk about anything, tell each other their minds, from the QQ chat, to cell phone text messages, love two people at the bottom of my heart spreads indiscriminately.
Lei at the freshman that year had a crush on the other side is the same school with him a girl. At that time the girl physically weak, he would be her alarm clock every morning, urged her to get up, get together and go to the playground running. When Lei confession to the girl, the girl told him that he has a boyfriend. Lei's secret crush on the history of this die a natural death. As always could not escape the shadow of secret love, the next three years Lei, who no longer dare to love lightly, until just on the senior year met online, from the strange to the familiar, were more concerned about each other, but never talk about meet.
Lei graduated one year earlier than Cher after graduation to teach in a private school, day in and live with a group of children, starting with Children. Lei live a leisurely day at school, fun, but never neglect of specialized courses.
SMS greetings, talking on the phone, similar to chat, so leisurely day live.
A year later, Lei eve of graduation, and several students put together your resume, signing a power plant to * state. At this time, Cher has quit school to do a company clerk. At the same time, Cher made a very tangled break. The reason is simple: the illusion of courtship, a long distance relationship hard, uncertain future. Lei agreed, Lei has been the will along the Cher. Breaking up the night, Lei and several students similar to alcohol. Heavy drinker, Lei drink too much, just tears, the students asked him if he refused, said the station only to find out whether my colleagues to Cher city vehicles. Students advised, however, had to call Cher, and Cher has been not just hang up the answer.LAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice Cher is not a hard-hearted girl, she was afraid of receiving the call, will regret the decision to break up, everyone knows the other end of the Lei drink the bleeding, by students to send him to hospital. These are Lei, Cher told the students to send text messages, the lapse of years later, Cher seem to recall the words of the students said: No matter what you happen to see his seriously ill sake, you care about him. Cher's heart was deeply hurt, she knew the feelings of the Lei may not afford to let go of a lifetime.
Lei Cher later learned well after the disease, came to the root cause of pharyngitis. Lei, Cher does not make any commitment to never, so far remember Lei said: love are gone, but White promises. While Cher was only his mouth to say that Lei has been in for the future efforts of two people, Lei already planned, and so your first pay to see Cher. Is later, Michelle learned that Lei was chosen and the students signed up to the * state, only to Cher from the city where more recent.
After disease, Lei would like to go to Shanghai, would like to change the environment to start again. In the Oriental Pearl TV tower, Lei send text messages to announce Michelle, he changed the phone number and the contact has been and Cher goes phone card buried in the eastern tower, so far, Shanghai Pearl Tower is still the Cher-minded. Although the break up, but Michelle and the Lei links between the two has not been interrupted, not a lover Lei promised to do, to do Michelle's brother. Having said that, but the experience of breaking up after the incident, the feelings between two people or have a lot of trauma. Lei, frustrated love, work not liking, after a period of wandering in Shanghai Lei, accepted the views of his family back home to a high school began his career.
Cher is also the family's urging, the start and a blind boy. Cher will always be the situation after the blind date told Lei and Lei Asking opinions, after several unsuccessful blind date, Cher, and graduated with a boy started school exchanges.v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080  Cher before the boy or have a certain understanding, but never thought about, and he will come together. Students know that the message exchanges between Cher and boys, too, did not feel there is any intersection of the two people have come together is simply a mystery. Cher and the boys are flat contacts, then they marry and have children, all satisfactory.
Lei Cher and less and less contact, and gradually stop all contact. Cher feel already married, it should not bother Lei's life, so that their husband is not fair, so let Lei forget their own light. Calm water, so it went live, Lei's QQ is no longer as Cher flashes.
A few years later, Michelle learned that Lei had a girlfriend, and the other party or an office with him the same. Cher is happy Lei, he finally at ease.
A chance to chat in, and colleagues when they think of Cher inadvertently Lei, Lei Cher has always been the heart can not leave the pain, do not know how this guy had like a. QQ time bored on the floor space to do the task, to Lei sent a virtual gift, can not be happy is to Lei, well, not his meaning.
The very next day to see the picture in the QQ Lei constantly flashing, opened only one sentence: "I and you familiar?" Seemingly without the words easily, but in the heart of Lake stimulated Cher from the ripple, Cher's thoughts as the sentence was questioning Piaoyuan. This mean? Puzzling, since when he put himself so thoroughly to forget it? Cher does not believe it. She is not no doubt: perhaps play his girlfriend's evil to do it, but only suspicion but no hard evidence. Pick one or the other one asked the "feel as if you know me like," "My girlfriend will not be happy," "She is my thing to do" by Cher on the understanding Lei, he is a fine mind boy, how is it possible to forget the past so thoroughly. Later Cher E-MAIL sent to Lei that it was his girlfriend. Cher also know her as a woman cares about him, ah, very good.
Michelle Lei know in this life on the damage is irreparable, and no make up qualifications. Michelle Lei's too much less, in this life is not yet clear of. It is also in this matter has taken place, Cher did not know he is always slow in responding, to encounter a pure love is not easy, if God give her another chance to start over, she never hurt Lei . Cher still remember the date six months after the breakup Lei wrote his own poem: lonely dark night, lonely no trace. Empty Lingyun Zhi, dependents lovers.
Day continues, after all, is to return to reality. Cher would rather believe that my next life, we must make good on his next life, in any case, never let go.

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November 29, 2010

If one day I will not bother you

If one day I will not bother you
If one day you call my phone number, voice tell you that I have shut down. Promise me not sad, not lost; not want me, do not remember a better me. If one day no longer frequent your phone rings, do not wait, do not expect, and more do not want to find me, you only see this one, I can safely leave.

If one day someone said your ears are no longer annoying, annoying. Some people say that they are no longer stubborn always right, no more rude to you angry. Not someone you would like to talk a few minutes of bargaining phone, hang up before someone is no longer clamoring to kiss and hug you. This one I lost, you sad?

If one day, your SMS inbox, no more pitiful and said there is a bit a few seconds away from your home, there were no more ferocious to say do not talk to me I'll give you one, no more spoiled, say you say you hate the bad, no more remorse after the wrong things not blame yourself.No more nonsense, no more Zhangxuduantan, no more gentle on your toe from time to time, and suddenly shouted a small drink of your tantrums. You lose this one I will lose it?

To that day, I hope you have a little bit sad, a little lost, a little like me, just a little bit about my memory like, really just a little.

If one day you open the computer, I always head into the gray, do not say I did not keep promise, I felt tired, tired, have really hurt.

If one day your life without me, remember me, good for you, my self-willed, stubborn; my tolerance, caring. My children cents irrelevant, my madness, silly, sad tears when, helpless sigh when the remark. But you have to remember that although we all corners of the earth,Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda|x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054ALAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice but we are on his head with a blue sky, marching the foot of the same piece of green grass, breathing the same air, may be able to find your taste here.

If one day, your memory, without me, do not forget we are together every minute, do not forget what I like, dislike what, I feel what is happiness, what is the pain. And I would never forget any of the clips on your memory, you get used to anything, what is offensive. That what is happiness, what is sad. Emotional world, there is no fair word, I do not care about these two months we were together it would be my most happiest day of my life.

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November 03, 2010

Emotions to a woman, and man how remediation

Emotions to a woman, and man how remediation
Disgruntled women, men how should I do? I believe the question asked if the man, the man is the answer to its "silence." Yes, a lot of disgruntled men when a woman will be treated with silence, some women will think this is a cold man, is to ignore their own kind of emotional changes, in fact, men, silence is precisely because of love because do not want escalation. Because this idea of men and women of different cognitive, so even if the coexistence between men and women for decades, will still have conflicts.
So if you ask women this question, I believe most women will answer, I hope your man to Hong Hong, Baoyi Bao themselves, say a sweet talk. Unfortunately, many men do not know this number. Sometimes disgruntled women because men ignored her, but a lot of men think women are being unreasonable. Together with women every month there is always a special few days, so the probability of disgruntled women will be higher. But not every man know to understand the gentle taste, so the more a woman is to learn to control their own emotions, so with its own gas, people also do not care a bit.
I think many people see "Battle of marriage" would prefer Xu Xiaoning time, but do not like Guo Yang, Xu Xiaoning favor because his wife, and Yang Guo and his wife has always liked to reason. In fact, between husband and wife sometimes does not make sense to speak of, and even Li Mei has developed the so-called marriage agreement is more foreign to accommodate her to Guo.Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS  Men may think why do you always want the men to accommodate women? Then he did not think too, that a woman in addition to disgruntled few days, she is a very qualified, gentle and lovely wife.
Before acquainted with a couple more than three decades of marriage, like a nice man, a woman is an impatient, so two people quarrel, always a man to a woman. Some may think that this man had a very unhappy, is not the case, he often felt very happy, he said, in fact, a good man to coax a woman, the biggest beneficiary is the man itself. There is no quarrel between husband and wife who wins, the wise man would know how to retreat truth. At that time my husband and I still refused to give the kind of the point, listened to his remarks after that only a change, so I was very grateful to this wise man, he has his own successful experience taught husband and wife get along with my husband.
In fact the last two years, I have less and less disgruntled, first, because they mature, and will not be in some small things into a dead end, the second course, because her husband has learned to give way to me. Although very often be treated with silence, but at least he will take the initiative after a good show with me. Before a friend and her husband have trouble, the ignore each other, do not listen to the other side of the phone, I asked her, her husband cheated on you? She said no, I said, in addition to derail unforgivable men, the other can be forgiven are . She said that some of the practices because of her husband and she does not like talking, I said, you cherish it, he is willing to coax you when you get angry, until one day he did not want to coax you, you began to cry also useless the.
Many women like to change the habits of some men, just the beginning of the men may accommodate you to change themselves, but the long run, especially when the longer the marriage, the nature of man to the more thoroughly exposed. If a woman in such matters is endless knot, the last depressed, of course, himself. For men, a lot of problems are not the problem, but for women, men do not want to own their own change is not an expression of love. This is actually a woman like the problem to the seriousness of the reasons, men do not want to change themselves to suit you not because they do not love you, but what they call love is not the case.
There are many more couples are more noisy harmony, of which understand the reasons of course, dealt with a man. In fact, a woman emotional harmless little trouble, the men with their inclusion click on it. Love a person must accept the other's all, for these words of men and women, are applicable. If one day you want to change each other, and that your love for him has faded out. Car Ornaments|Alarms and Security|AK500 key programmer|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Renault CAN Clip|Fly 100 Honda|x431|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDSMVCI TIS|D-CAN Interface|LAUNCH X-431|BMW Remote Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|diagnostic tool|Bmw GT1 Very few men and women in love during the fight, because both see the advantages of each other, but slowly getting more fight after marriage, because love slowly fades out. Now there are those who continue to emphasize the self, in fact, not too much of himself happy. So women will be trouble for you, little emotion, that you care about her, the man this time in addition to silence, you can also use your warm embrace to make her feel your everlasting love, let her back in your marriage regain confidence.

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October 11, 2010

Hard to find people worthy of your life

Hard to find people worthy of your life

Hard to find people worthy of your life

If you do not have time to savor the moment even if you have time to settle down in his heart, hard look. Not much really good article ... ...
    Single, sometimes not necessarily noble. Single may be more freedom, but freedom also has a synonym called loneliness. Because when people are not like a man alone; sometimes good things to share with others, and sometimes sad need comfort. Single noble cause, because economic independence, the independence of personality and emotional independence.
    What is independence? Need not rely on independence, an independent people who need the opposite sex, instead of relying on the opposite sex. Do lover, she should first friend. After she became your friend, appears in your life, Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS be possible to know you, know you, know your strengths and you feel good, further development of the feelings, to become lovers, objects.
    The color of the world, not just white and black, among black and white there is still a long gray area. As long as we live, will be able to find each other's advantages, feel good, this is the natural process of emotional development. And at first sight 』『 』『 single-mindedness is unrealistic feelings, we need not love this kind of unrealistic and illusory.
    Some say that with the opposite sex, just like at the beach picking up rocks, we will pick up like that one. Once you pick a favorite stone, put it home to, well deal with it, because that is your only stones. And remember, since then not to go to the seaside. Always believe that I have found the biggest, most beautiful and for me that one.
    With the opposite sex the most important thing is not how good he was, but he how good you are. If a person in very good condition, a hundred points, but the per cent, he is just to give you thirty-four, or twelve points; the contrary, another person may only seventy-eight am, but he is dedicated treat you, Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator then you should choose that one? In fact, the conditions for everyone is the same. No matter how good you are also better than you. Although you can not do a best man 『』, 『But you can do a better person on the other side』. Every boys can say: 『I am not the world's best man, but I was the world's best for you man』. In turn, is the same girl, this is everyone able to do.
    The most important feeling is that he's good for you, rather than how good his own. But if a person is already very good for you and sincerely, really loves you, then you can really put life entrusted to him.
    Now the only condition for women to consider marriage, it should be that you love him, and he love your, is not it really means to you, with him there will be any pressure, will not be happy, rather than what he ! Human true love is hard to come by. In life, it is hard to find one you really love, really you can have my whole life with him. They must take the words out of my heart. What's more, face important than happiness, and if you can face the expense of temporary exchange for a lifetime of happiness, it is very worthwhile, brave words from the heart, do not hide their true. Never say that fate yet to come, in fact, everywhere fate, but it is fleeting, if not to grasp 』『 edge, it has not cost a cent 』.
    Most of the women is the emphasis on the feelings of the spirit of men indulge in substance. In addition to the girls attentive boys, the girls have to learn to responsibly, will the world be attentive all the girls, all for a girl.
    Men, for sex and love; women for love and sexual. A maintenance of comfortable,Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security  pleasant feelings easily a long time! A difficult and painful to maintain the feelings it difficult to last long, after this time should have a choice. We are all mortals, to the ordinary and well-being and happiness of love. The feelings of all concerned, the important process than the outcome. Why? Because all of the feelings are not the result. What is the result? To get married? After getting married to live happily in the day? Shows the results we do not judge the feelings of the value of its feelings, nor to the length of time on the set its value. Each section of the feelings of the world, every minute, every second is worth cherishing.
    Marriage is a the biggest gamble in life. In this infinite time, we have to show each other the most ugly side to the other to see. Love is not valuable to obtain from the other side of what is to be dependent on the one hand, feeling of being needed. Some people rely on me, need me, I will be satisfied. The face of feelings, we are not to be taken are the three policies:
    The first is in no hurry: Do not rush to get married. Although marriage is a wonderful thing, but do not worry, this is your is yours.
    The second is not afraid of: Do not be afraid to pay. Life must work with each other in order to maintain the good feelings. Otherwise you can not get 』『 a good feeling, you can only find the one you love, to co-operate, build, complete a good feeling. If you do not resolve to do a good job man, you're not a good woman. The world is not a bad man will have a good woman, bad guys will have the poor woman; the same, no one would be a good man bad woman. Moreover, there is a feeling in the joint efforts with us, who want to do it well. The same chance of success is the same as the key is are you willing to work to pay it.
    Third, do not give up. When it hit you, frustration, hurt, when you feel frustrated and disappointed when a man unconditionally, always on your side and support you, encourage you, comfort you, make you stand up and face the world. This force is then the parents can not give us the pro, is then not give us good friends, only in the journey of life found in the beloved companion, to be able to us.

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September 15, 2010

On her wedding night, her mother and husband even sleeping with therapeutic writing

On her wedding night, her mother and husband even sleeping with therapeutic writing.
Wedding night, hi drink stop people dispersed. Tired! Husband and I first went to a shower! "Let my son first wash, wash your clothes last." Mother's voice. Husband hurriedly bathed, and then to the mother wash, Pa in the dressing table I dozed off. "Go and wash clothes," her mother's sharp voice startled me.
One looking at the clock, is already two in the morning, after bathing can not bear to look at beautiful clothes thrown into the washing machine, hand washing to dry on the balcony. The storm was not, wanted to fall into the bed room eyes Mimi.

Alas, mother grandmother, I have to cry no sound surprised, stunned in there.
Mother slept outside, her baby son sleeping in my husband Xin Langguan inside, feeling her mother's hand on his son's face, both as snoring like a dead person. But the first night of my wedding night, ah, even if the husband has what Oedipus complex, tonight belongs to the bride, you how can this be?

Then I thought, maybe both of them tired, chatting about chatting on the unintentionally fell asleep. However, one meter wide and five new beds have been no place for my body, open the mother's room, debris lounging, with a sigh to hold up a living room sofa to lie down bedding, fully clothed, but 11 took to the chaotic thoughts heart.
Her parents are very filial Gesao addicted to gambling, not only does not provide money to her mother and sometimes, not to the worth of abuse. Before marriage I have been anxious to encounter a dutiful son, when it comes to land when the Admiralty, secretly glad that they met a good man, his monthly salary will be submitted to the hands of her mother, talks about the day that my mom, my mother should do everything to mom as the center to ask everything.
Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and SecurityThe first time that the fruit to see the future mother-week Juan, her lukewarm attitude, his son said you have 20-year-old was not very young, also the mother of the marriage has a mind to, but you have to remember my wife is someone's daughter, can be found everywhere, only a mother, I put up with hardships and nurturing your own is not easy, for you I am not married, so I rely only have you!
Mom, you worry, I will take a good future Admiralty honor you, easy!
A sense dawn, saw her mother had to get up in the order clothing. Good morning, Mom. Hurry mouth wash, mom to buy me breakfast, you would like to Chisha?
Admiralty stomach is not good, you make porridge for him, not to buy some. We have no guests at home, her family and colleagues to drink on your wedding, had to spend so much to thank. Too lost money! Mother was nagging.
Mom, I have her family members for the gifts you have all received, and we grade the banquet table is not a brain 600 yuan, 200 yuan for each person even if you made a table of guests 1200 dollars, not to mention my own family who are to a thousand dollars. I do not accept this!
Noisy early in the morning of your what? Husband woke up. Shuli, how do you, yesterday mom just told me today that talk back door? If you love me, do not do that to my mother, or have you look good!
You said what? Last night you sleep with your mother with new home made me sleep on the sofa, I did not complain? I really wronged.
Shuli, are you crazy? I was born my mother grew up eating her milk, she a Lache Da feces a urinary me, not buy a house together before we were sleeping, the mother Cizai Xiao Are you to be jealous?

I am crazy? Groom with his mother to sleep normal? Me astray!

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August 31, 2010

No one who is "half"

Love of people like to say is: you belong to me, I belong to you; or you are my half, I am your half. This love of the language of each other's feelings, but also planted the seed of tragedy.
Many people love the feelings of broken love that character different, different interests, different ambitions. In fact, this is the "half" concept at play. Why must the word, the same then? The same world, no two leaves, no two identical snowflakes, are there two of the same people?
They do not appreciate each other, but mutual transformation; not respect each other, but each possession. So love is lukewarm, divorced also natural. I remember, wrote a book, because a dispute arise between couples is the one they love as a burin, always want to use the knife to the other sculptures found their ideal in mind. In fact, we only look a little bit of life around, will find that many people have held the hands of such a knife, according to "You are my half" principle, in the elaborately carved with their loved one, can anyone who wants to be carved into a loss of self of people? Thus, personality clashes, different interests became the sword of the finished product, the end of nature is breaking up. In fact, we should understand that everyone is full of people who have their own unique "interest" and "personality", are a great style of art, instead of waiting carved "stone" or "earth."
Love is a kind of appreciation, but not possess, and transformation. In fact, this reason is very simple, when you enjoy an art treasure, a beautiful piece, an article or a beautiful landscape of ecstatic volume, you must have drunk a whole heart. Love, too, both sides appreciate each other, will the fullness of happiness among. The possession or modified type of love will only bring bondage and pain to the other party, who would be willing to cage-like love and love what handheld burin?
Love should be the same moment as the sun revolves around you, make you feel warm and bright, is not bound you. I think this is the original face of love. Do not say you belong to me, I belong to you, I'm not half, not half of you, we are full of people. We need friendship and love, do not need to cage and shackles. We need to peers who lives on the road, talking and get through sometimes smooth, sometimes rocky road of life, life on board the top of beautiful scenery, and jointly create a beautiful and meaningful life.

I am not your half, you are not the half of me, I do not belong to you, you do not belong to me, we belong to themselves.


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August 16, 2010

Love her and cherish her, please

Perhaps everyone wants to be able to find their partner in mind 100 percent, but you have thought: you will not be around long been silent on you to pay someone for a long time, is when common and no more? So, still a closer look at the people around it! He may have been waiting for you for a long time another!

Some people say: drinking, drunk-sixth of the dizzy feeling is the most comfortable. Muscles can be relaxed, lovely eyes see everything, and if you continue to drink, is likely the next day you have a splitting headache, general discomfort, completely lost the pleasure of drinking. Dinner, seven full satisfaction is most comfortable. Population also keep the smell of food, plus dessert, fruits, keep fit and healthy is absolutely sufficient. If you continue to eat, it may be stomach upset, eat too much, want to sleep, completely lost the pleasure of eating.

When you love someone, love to just eight absolute good. All the expectations and hopes are only Qiba Fen, and the remaining two or three minutes to love myself. If you continue to love more, give the other party is likely to pressure for each breath, completely lost the love of fun. So remember, drink no more than six drunk, eat no more than seven full, love a person no more than eight Oh.
That friend asked me: how is regarded in the end the love one person?
I smiled and said to him: In fact, everyone's views on love are not the same, said on the call to counsel, but afraid it would be misleading mistake Fandao bad! If you are confused for love, perhaps the following passage can give you some inspiration: love one! To learn more, but also open solution; to apologize, but also thanks; to admit, but also error correction; to be considerate, but also understanding; is to accept, not tolerate; is tolerance, not condoned; is to support, not dominate; is sympathy, not the question; is talk, not complaints; is memorable, but not forgotten; is mutual exchanges, instead of having accountability; is quietly praying for each other, rather than the many other demands; can be romantic, but do not waste; hand at any time, but it should not break up ... ...
If you have done, even if you do not love a person, and only miss, and not vindictive!
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August 06, 2010

Endless love of my life

Endless love of my life
I am a traditional woman.
I have a kind of traditional Chinese women and the true. The same desire to love their loved ones, but also people who want to be your favorite love, forever, never betray!

I told you said, hope to have a favorite of the opposite sex for sake of the love of my life. You laugh that is you.

Love is the heart of the sensor, can not say love the love together.

Would like, our life can only marry a man, a good wife, but certainly not only a man like him, not to their ideal of the other men paid no attention.

Of course, paid no attention to, lack of hygiene conditions would also like to bear to go, better outcome, as they have for the opposite sex, but mostly forgotten, because the traditional Chinese feudal insight, and doomed affair tragedy.

I know with your contacts, or let me into the quagmire of extra-marital affairs, I know the end result is a separation. However, the more know more cherish the bad years, and my heart remain the same, where you can not find the path home.

Sometimes think, if we can control for some distance, why can not we go to another truth fighting? How good a friend is nearby, with the opposite sex better in the side, with his beautiful, so gorgeous and colorful life.

I tried to work hard, always strive to have bounded degree. However, two hearts and the zero distance, I think the end is messy cups and saucers. As I'm sure you love me, I also hopelessly in love with you. Had you said, if it is their favorite, with love before, how do? Your Answer: love for in the end!

I know I'm not that brave woman, because I have not entirely of their own responsibilities and obligations. But, never mind on the feeling of neglect, I belong to a sincere love to you. Love you, not seek higher status, just to love something to rely on, no responsibilities, just to life on the road to be with you, no I, love, just to share of the good old feeling.

Remember that you said: met me, you life's happiness! I have this day my sister said, she said, must be so, but you do not cherish.

People living in this world is too short. Think, truth Shangju too late, why are devoting energy to pursue a virtual? To make a return to true yourself, even if unrestrained through life half-back, and we have no regrets ... ...

I like genuine people, and he is treated with a genuine favorite.

My desire for a love, the only requirement is that the people love me for me wholeheartedly.

I do not know where in their journey of life, whether it will close about the love of the inn, if there will be encountered, children will continue to be one hundred percent on love, to cherish!

I hope you have to learn from nature if there is a real woman fall in love with you, in case of no harm to others, to be fond love to go, do not let emotion free.

Love, really love it, please ... ... please?

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My world will not have you

Finally raining today, but also thought of you. A person enjoying the wind and rain brought a sober, I have once again confirmed in my world will not have you, and only the memories of happiness can not be repeated.
Romantic fish in the winter sink, the water will freezes, need to be temperature, and ice can be melted into water, also need the temperature. Fish in the water looking for their love, then into ice water, then when? The fish had to leave his beloved water, otherwise he will be frozen. How can freeze what? Of the fish's heart there is love, hope, but he could not continue to look for. Frozen fish in the waiting, waiting for the coming year, the sun and warmth, when the ice melts, fish, or fish, water, or water, the fish can continue to look for. Well, I am a fish should be about to escape into the ice water? Or in the water.

Grateful, thank you for a small section of my life there. This section is gorgeous, and will light up my whole life. When you're gone, and I want to stay? Well, I do not find hysterical. You have the edge in the well-being of the past, I am happy for you, now I will let you tired. Asked the reason why mature people. Wanton indulgence once their feelings, until you lose the moment he realized the fish in water has long been tears blurred his eyes. A person may be cheating on me for a while but his heart is able to cheat his lifetime. You do not love me.

Is it only has your happiness is What? How many people today have not see the sun tomorrow, how many people today have become disabled, how many people today have lost their freedom, many people in today's family broke up. Love you, you can spend each day in peace, it is a good fortune, how can I also be what you demanding? I do not quarrel and destiny, fate is always the most fair, I do not have to seek fruit by asking, cause and effect were never wrong.

My world will not have you. Hey, as long as the face of reality, we can go beyond reality. Have to believe in a word, if I do not give their own troubles and sad, others will never give me trouble and sadness, because my own heart, can not let go. Love has no formula, no principle, no reason to follow. You do not deny my love for you, just a hard habit. Well, Going not muddling along, and not follow through, but do the personnel of heaven. Me, or me, has not changed. Feeling like a pot of water, when poured scattered on the ground, is unlikely to recover, but the ground water surface, and carry us further look at themselves. You refuse to appear happy love, it was not your fault. There is no love in this result, we look at each other more clearly see myself, and I still me. You? What you'll be happy tomorrow? You and I are lucky compared to you, you can choose to love me or not love me, and I just love you choose, or even love you, this is a pure me.

Between me and you may never have the answer, why should I look for an answer? Consoled himself with a lie. Really tired. Love, not to be hobbled, so it should be let go, each taking each other's world. Have been naive in time and space that no matter how long the distance, a relationship will endure. Loved and been hurt, and pain before. I think so, this is simply me.

See, personality is too strong and will eventually live with the shadow. This is the source of pain, you believe that there is still some love, maybe not that I can give you, but in the next life you must believe, not to numb his Aspiration. Only love can give is betrayed, once was a true love of two people, instant stranger, left behind a silent ending, leaving the crippled memory and heartache.

Let her go! My world is without you. We have met numerous times over fantasy when the same heart, the same notion, the same Suddenly imagine the joy, the love of reluctantly, but your heart always be a constraint, I am the only thing they love, silently In the heart filled with blessings. It was so silent love it, always in mind to love.

Abandoned, sad, and difficult to forget. But this does not prevent us from re-start time and space in the new music listen to them again, repeat the story, Grace. I am not because you came to this world, it is because of you more emotionally attached to this world. If you can with you, I will this world full of gratitude, if not with you, I will quietly walk away, but still will not lose the love of this world and gratitude. Thank God I met you and you leave, to complete a poem created by God! Life gives us endless grief, but also to come we will never answer. As a result, Enron an abandoned stick of a detached! Red Dust is not related to changes in secular life, no matter how individual choice approach, but no matter what the severity of grip in the hands of how, although we avoid also brave, although sad too happy!

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