December 20, 2010

To a lost love

To a lost love
"You and me familiar?"
Seemingly without the words easily, but in the Cher ripple stirred the hearts of the lake ... ...
And Lei met in an online encounter six years ago, when they were still students. Cher, Department of Chinese, Lei, Chemistry, and different school. Education for all, so many common topic, and gradually, through the network media, the two of them became good friends can talk about anything, tell each other their minds, from the QQ chat, to cell phone text messages, love two people at the bottom of my heart spreads indiscriminately.
Lei at the freshman that year had a crush on the other side is the same school with him a girl. At that time the girl physically weak, he would be her alarm clock every morning, urged her to get up, get together and go to the playground running. When Lei confession to the girl, the girl told him that he has a boyfriend. Lei's secret crush on the history of this die a natural death. As always could not escape the shadow of secret love, the next three years Lei, who no longer dare to love lightly, until just on the senior year met online, from the strange to the familiar, were more concerned about each other, but never talk about meet.
Lei graduated one year earlier than Cher after graduation to teach in a private school, day in and live with a group of children, starting with Children. Lei live a leisurely day at school, fun, but never neglect of specialized courses.
SMS greetings, talking on the phone, similar to chat, so leisurely day live.
A year later, Lei eve of graduation, and several students put together your resume, signing a power plant to * state. At this time, Cher has quit school to do a company clerk. At the same time, Cher made a very tangled break. The reason is simple: the illusion of courtship, a long distance relationship hard, uncertain future. Lei agreed, Lei has been the will along the Cher. Breaking up the night, Lei and several students similar to alcohol. Heavy drinker, Lei drink too much, just tears, the students asked him if he refused, said the station only to find out whether my colleagues to Cher city vehicles. Students advised, however, had to call Cher, and Cher has been not just hang up the answer.LAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice Cher is not a hard-hearted girl, she was afraid of receiving the call, will regret the decision to break up, everyone knows the other end of the Lei drink the bleeding, by students to send him to hospital. These are Lei, Cher told the students to send text messages, the lapse of years later, Cher seem to recall the words of the students said: No matter what you happen to see his seriously ill sake, you care about him. Cher's heart was deeply hurt, she knew the feelings of the Lei may not afford to let go of a lifetime.
Lei Cher later learned well after the disease, came to the root cause of pharyngitis. Lei, Cher does not make any commitment to never, so far remember Lei said: love are gone, but White promises. While Cher was only his mouth to say that Lei has been in for the future efforts of two people, Lei already planned, and so your first pay to see Cher. Is later, Michelle learned that Lei was chosen and the students signed up to the * state, only to Cher from the city where more recent.
After disease, Lei would like to go to Shanghai, would like to change the environment to start again. In the Oriental Pearl TV tower, Lei send text messages to announce Michelle, he changed the phone number and the contact has been and Cher goes phone card buried in the eastern tower, so far, Shanghai Pearl Tower is still the Cher-minded. Although the break up, but Michelle and the Lei links between the two has not been interrupted, not a lover Lei promised to do, to do Michelle's brother. Having said that, but the experience of breaking up after the incident, the feelings between two people or have a lot of trauma. Lei, frustrated love, work not liking, after a period of wandering in Shanghai Lei, accepted the views of his family back home to a high school began his career.
Cher is also the family's urging, the start and a blind boy. Cher will always be the situation after the blind date told Lei and Lei Asking opinions, after several unsuccessful blind date, Cher, and graduated with a boy started school exchanges.v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080  Cher before the boy or have a certain understanding, but never thought about, and he will come together. Students know that the message exchanges between Cher and boys, too, did not feel there is any intersection of the two people have come together is simply a mystery. Cher and the boys are flat contacts, then they marry and have children, all satisfactory.
Lei Cher and less and less contact, and gradually stop all contact. Cher feel already married, it should not bother Lei's life, so that their husband is not fair, so let Lei forget their own light. Calm water, so it went live, Lei's QQ is no longer as Cher flashes.
A few years later, Michelle learned that Lei had a girlfriend, and the other party or an office with him the same. Cher is happy Lei, he finally at ease.
A chance to chat in, and colleagues when they think of Cher inadvertently Lei, Lei Cher has always been the heart can not leave the pain, do not know how this guy had like a. QQ time bored on the floor space to do the task, to Lei sent a virtual gift, can not be happy is to Lei, well, not his meaning.
The very next day to see the picture in the QQ Lei constantly flashing, opened only one sentence: "I and you familiar?" Seemingly without the words easily, but in the heart of Lake stimulated Cher from the ripple, Cher's thoughts as the sentence was questioning Piaoyuan. This mean? Puzzling, since when he put himself so thoroughly to forget it? Cher does not believe it. She is not no doubt: perhaps play his girlfriend's evil to do it, but only suspicion but no hard evidence. Pick one or the other one asked the "feel as if you know me like," "My girlfriend will not be happy," "She is my thing to do" by Cher on the understanding Lei, he is a fine mind boy, how is it possible to forget the past so thoroughly. Later Cher E-MAIL sent to Lei that it was his girlfriend. Cher also know her as a woman cares about him, ah, very good.
Michelle Lei know in this life on the damage is irreparable, and no make up qualifications. Michelle Lei's too much less, in this life is not yet clear of. It is also in this matter has taken place, Cher did not know he is always slow in responding, to encounter a pure love is not easy, if God give her another chance to start over, she never hurt Lei . Cher still remember the date six months after the breakup Lei wrote his own poem: lonely dark night, lonely no trace. Empty Lingyun Zhi, dependents lovers.
Day continues, after all, is to return to reality. Cher would rather believe that my next life, we must make good on his next life, in any case, never let go.

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