August 06, 2010

My world will not have you

Finally raining today, but also thought of you. A person enjoying the wind and rain brought a sober, I have once again confirmed in my world will not have you, and only the memories of happiness can not be repeated.
Romantic fish in the winter sink, the water will freezes, need to be temperature, and ice can be melted into water, also need the temperature. Fish in the water looking for their love, then into ice water, then when? The fish had to leave his beloved water, otherwise he will be frozen. How can freeze what? Of the fish's heart there is love, hope, but he could not continue to look for. Frozen fish in the waiting, waiting for the coming year, the sun and warmth, when the ice melts, fish, or fish, water, or water, the fish can continue to look for. Well, I am a fish should be about to escape into the ice water? Or in the water.

Grateful, thank you for a small section of my life there. This section is gorgeous, and will light up my whole life. When you're gone, and I want to stay? Well, I do not find hysterical. You have the edge in the well-being of the past, I am happy for you, now I will let you tired. Asked the reason why mature people. Wanton indulgence once their feelings, until you lose the moment he realized the fish in water has long been tears blurred his eyes. A person may be cheating on me for a while but his heart is able to cheat his lifetime. You do not love me.

Is it only has your happiness is What? How many people today have not see the sun tomorrow, how many people today have become disabled, how many people today have lost their freedom, many people in today's family broke up. Love you, you can spend each day in peace, it is a good fortune, how can I also be what you demanding? I do not quarrel and destiny, fate is always the most fair, I do not have to seek fruit by asking, cause and effect were never wrong.

My world will not have you. Hey, as long as the face of reality, we can go beyond reality. Have to believe in a word, if I do not give their own troubles and sad, others will never give me trouble and sadness, because my own heart, can not let go. Love has no formula, no principle, no reason to follow. You do not deny my love for you, just a hard habit. Well, Going not muddling along, and not follow through, but do the personnel of heaven. Me, or me, has not changed. Feeling like a pot of water, when poured scattered on the ground, is unlikely to recover, but the ground water surface, and carry us further look at themselves. You refuse to appear happy love, it was not your fault. There is no love in this result, we look at each other more clearly see myself, and I still me. You? What you'll be happy tomorrow? You and I are lucky compared to you, you can choose to love me or not love me, and I just love you choose, or even love you, this is a pure me.

Between me and you may never have the answer, why should I look for an answer? Consoled himself with a lie. Really tired. Love, not to be hobbled, so it should be let go, each taking each other's world. Have been naive in time and space that no matter how long the distance, a relationship will endure. Loved and been hurt, and pain before. I think so, this is simply me.

See, personality is too strong and will eventually live with the shadow. This is the source of pain, you believe that there is still some love, maybe not that I can give you, but in the next life you must believe, not to numb his Aspiration. Only love can give is betrayed, once was a true love of two people, instant stranger, left behind a silent ending, leaving the crippled memory and heartache.

Let her go! My world is without you. We have met numerous times over fantasy when the same heart, the same notion, the same Suddenly imagine the joy, the love of reluctantly, but your heart always be a constraint, I am the only thing they love, silently In the heart filled with blessings. It was so silent love it, always in mind to love.

Abandoned, sad, and difficult to forget. But this does not prevent us from re-start time and space in the new music listen to them again, repeat the story, Grace. I am not because you came to this world, it is because of you more emotionally attached to this world. If you can with you, I will this world full of gratitude, if not with you, I will quietly walk away, but still will not lose the love of this world and gratitude. Thank God I met you and you leave, to complete a poem created by God! Life gives us endless grief, but also to come we will never answer. As a result, Enron an abandoned stick of a detached! Red Dust is not related to changes in secular life, no matter how individual choice approach, but no matter what the severity of grip in the hands of how, although we avoid also brave, although sad too happy!

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