September 15, 2010

On her wedding night, her mother and husband even sleeping with therapeutic writing

On her wedding night, her mother and husband even sleeping with therapeutic writing.
Wedding night, hi drink stop people dispersed. Tired! Husband and I first went to a shower! "Let my son first wash, wash your clothes last." Mother's voice. Husband hurriedly bathed, and then to the mother wash, Pa in the dressing table I dozed off. "Go and wash clothes," her mother's sharp voice startled me.
One looking at the clock, is already two in the morning, after bathing can not bear to look at beautiful clothes thrown into the washing machine, hand washing to dry on the balcony. The storm was not, wanted to fall into the bed room eyes Mimi.

Alas, mother grandmother, I have to cry no sound surprised, stunned in there.
Mother slept outside, her baby son sleeping in my husband Xin Langguan inside, feeling her mother's hand on his son's face, both as snoring like a dead person. But the first night of my wedding night, ah, even if the husband has what Oedipus complex, tonight belongs to the bride, you how can this be?

Then I thought, maybe both of them tired, chatting about chatting on the unintentionally fell asleep. However, one meter wide and five new beds have been no place for my body, open the mother's room, debris lounging, with a sigh to hold up a living room sofa to lie down bedding, fully clothed, but 11 took to the chaotic thoughts heart.
Her parents are very filial Gesao addicted to gambling, not only does not provide money to her mother and sometimes, not to the worth of abuse. Before marriage I have been anxious to encounter a dutiful son, when it comes to land when the Admiralty, secretly glad that they met a good man, his monthly salary will be submitted to the hands of her mother, talks about the day that my mom, my mother should do everything to mom as the center to ask everything.
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Mom, you worry, I will take a good future Admiralty honor you, easy!
A sense dawn, saw her mother had to get up in the order clothing. Good morning, Mom. Hurry mouth wash, mom to buy me breakfast, you would like to Chisha?
Admiralty stomach is not good, you make porridge for him, not to buy some. We have no guests at home, her family and colleagues to drink on your wedding, had to spend so much to thank. Too lost money! Mother was nagging.
Mom, I have her family members for the gifts you have all received, and we grade the banquet table is not a brain 600 yuan, 200 yuan for each person even if you made a table of guests 1200 dollars, not to mention my own family who are to a thousand dollars. I do not accept this!
Noisy early in the morning of your what? Husband woke up. Shuli, how do you, yesterday mom just told me today that talk back door? If you love me, do not do that to my mother, or have you look good!
You said what? Last night you sleep with your mother with new home made me sleep on the sofa, I did not complain? I really wronged.
Shuli, are you crazy? I was born my mother grew up eating her milk, she a Lache Da feces a urinary me, not buy a house together before we were sleeping, the mother Cizai Xiao Are you to be jealous?

I am crazy? Groom with his mother to sleep normal? Me astray!

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