August 16, 2010

Love her and cherish her, please

Perhaps everyone wants to be able to find their partner in mind 100 percent, but you have thought: you will not be around long been silent on you to pay someone for a long time, is when common and no more? So, still a closer look at the people around it! He may have been waiting for you for a long time another!

Some people say: drinking, drunk-sixth of the dizzy feeling is the most comfortable. Muscles can be relaxed, lovely eyes see everything, and if you continue to drink, is likely the next day you have a splitting headache, general discomfort, completely lost the pleasure of drinking. Dinner, seven full satisfaction is most comfortable. Population also keep the smell of food, plus dessert, fruits, keep fit and healthy is absolutely sufficient. If you continue to eat, it may be stomach upset, eat too much, want to sleep, completely lost the pleasure of eating.

When you love someone, love to just eight absolute good. All the expectations and hopes are only Qiba Fen, and the remaining two or three minutes to love myself. If you continue to love more, give the other party is likely to pressure for each breath, completely lost the love of fun. So remember, drink no more than six drunk, eat no more than seven full, love a person no more than eight Oh.
That friend asked me: how is regarded in the end the love one person?
I smiled and said to him: In fact, everyone's views on love are not the same, said on the call to counsel, but afraid it would be misleading mistake Fandao bad! If you are confused for love, perhaps the following passage can give you some inspiration: love one! To learn more, but also open solution; to apologize, but also thanks; to admit, but also error correction; to be considerate, but also understanding; is to accept, not tolerate; is tolerance, not condoned; is to support, not dominate; is sympathy, not the question; is talk, not complaints; is memorable, but not forgotten; is mutual exchanges, instead of having accountability; is quietly praying for each other, rather than the many other demands; can be romantic, but do not waste; hand at any time, but it should not break up ... ...
If you have done, even if you do not love a person, and only miss, and not vindictive!
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