August 31, 2010

No one who is "half"

Love of people like to say is: you belong to me, I belong to you; or you are my half, I am your half. This love of the language of each other's feelings, but also planted the seed of tragedy.
Many people love the feelings of broken love that character different, different interests, different ambitions. In fact, this is the "half" concept at play. Why must the word, the same then? The same world, no two leaves, no two identical snowflakes, are there two of the same people?
They do not appreciate each other, but mutual transformation; not respect each other, but each possession. So love is lukewarm, divorced also natural. I remember, wrote a book, because a dispute arise between couples is the one they love as a burin, always want to use the knife to the other sculptures found their ideal in mind. In fact, we only look a little bit of life around, will find that many people have held the hands of such a knife, according to "You are my half" principle, in the elaborately carved with their loved one, can anyone who wants to be carved into a loss of self of people? Thus, personality clashes, different interests became the sword of the finished product, the end of nature is breaking up. In fact, we should understand that everyone is full of people who have their own unique "interest" and "personality", are a great style of art, instead of waiting carved "stone" or "earth."
Love is a kind of appreciation, but not possess, and transformation. In fact, this reason is very simple, when you enjoy an art treasure, a beautiful piece, an article or a beautiful landscape of ecstatic volume, you must have drunk a whole heart. Love, too, both sides appreciate each other, will the fullness of happiness among. The possession or modified type of love will only bring bondage and pain to the other party, who would be willing to cage-like love and love what handheld burin?
Love should be the same moment as the sun revolves around you, make you feel warm and bright, is not bound you. I think this is the original face of love. Do not say you belong to me, I belong to you, I'm not half, not half of you, we are full of people. We need friendship and love, do not need to cage and shackles. We need to peers who lives on the road, talking and get through sometimes smooth, sometimes rocky road of life, life on board the top of beautiful scenery, and jointly create a beautiful and meaningful life.

I am not your half, you are not the half of me, I do not belong to you, you do not belong to me, we belong to themselves.


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